“You don’t take a photograph, you make It.” –Ansel Adams. This quote really inspires all of my work that I do as an all around Artist. My work is very unique compared to most traditional artwork. In my work I have taken on the challenge of creating it all digitally through Photoshop. I am so passionate about nature and the beauty of it, but also the human body and how people show emotion. Using my computer and the software allows me to create this all within one medium that I love. Being myself to showcase my skills in the unique artworks that I produce grants me no greater feeling.

            Before I start making a piece I look at other people’s work to gather ideas and inspiration. There have been times I'v been out and about when an idea or inspiration just hits me for creating a project. Once I have the idea it’s all about how to show it through my photography. The hardest part about the process is making it all flow together and look as if it is one image and not separate pieces being stacked on one another.

            My application process is like no other I know. I have a unique approach with each project and no project is created the same. There may be pieces that are similar, but there is no set process I believe that is what makes it so different. Being able to do my own thing and search through the program perhaps stumbling upon something that helps with each project. One of the greatest things I realized is that there are endless possibilities to how I have been able to create the way I do.

            I am passionate about my work and everything that I do. This is a huge part of my life. I believe that my work touches people emotionally and in a way that can be interpreted uniquely by every viewer.
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